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Hi all! I'm an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories. All the items are sold for $5 and follows the latest trends at a very affordable price. Yes, you can be fashionable with any outfit that won't break your bank! All jewelry come in varied fashions, styles and colors. Want financial freedom? Ever thought about becoming your own boss? Having your own business? Become a consultant and join my team. Paparazzi Accessories prides itself in helping women become entrepreneurs. I want to be able to help YOU reach your goals! Ready sign up or would like more information, visit http://www.paparazziaccessories.com/11536 For all inquiries and questions, email me at kayceejewls@gmail.com

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Is becoming a Paparazzi Independent Consultant worth it?

Hello community!! Thank you! Thank you for coming by my blog. Within the past month I've noticed a huge increase in my visits. I've also received a lot of inquiries about becoming a consultant, how much is it to start, is it worth it, am I making profit. And these are awesome questions! I'm a firm believer in asking as many questions as possible to know what you are signing up for. So I'll debug some of these questions. If you want to ask me any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at kayceejewls@gmail.com I will post all answers to my blog and/or my Instagram.

1) Does it really cost $5? Yes, no hidden fees. I sell the items for $5.50 (includes tax). All the necklaces come with matching earrings! And no matter the set, there is also matching rings, bracelets, extra earrings and headbands.

2) How much does it cost to start? There are several options for any income bracket. I totally understand that not everyone has disposable income so there are two options:
a) $300 starter kit Free enrollment ($40 value)
100 pieces of inventory that includes everything from Blockbusters to new favorites and anything in between!
25 party invitations
50 pink sales bags with Paparazzi logo
 25 display hooks
25 receipts
5 Consultant applications
5 Compensation Plan brochures
Jewelry Repair Kit
The book, Building Your Paparazzi Business

 b) $40 for the enrollment fee and pay as you go for the jewelry. For my business, I decided the do option A- it was more cost efficient and lasted me enough for 2 in-home parties.

3) Do you really make money? YES! Have you ever had a job that gives you 50% commission on all items plus tax benefits?! Neither did I, until I signed up to be a Paparazzi Independent Consultant.

4) Is it hard? How do you get started? No, it is actually quite easy. You set up in-home parties, vendor at events (fairs, conferences, back to school nights, holiday parties, wherever you can!), order enough jewelry for all the fashionistas and there you have it! Your own portable bootique on the go. I've found that I really like being a vendor at events. It gets me out in the community and connect with potential consultants, market the jewelry and sell the jewelry. The jewelry sells itself! All you have to do is sit back and help customers. I have also seen women partner together in a joint venture!

5) Why did you become a Paparazzi Consultant? What makes it different? I decided to become a Paparazzi Consultant because the start up costs was minimal. I've been approached by several other mlm like businesses and this one made more sense in terms of what I was looking for- something that would be easy to do, easy to sell and what woman do you know feels guilty about buying a $5 jewelry?! I weighed the benefits for a while and felt this was something that I could take on. I also come from the non-profit sector so this was a totally new venture for me. I also wanted to have learn about how to start my own business from ground up, develop new skills and learn the ins/outs of owning your own business.

I'm hoping this has debunked some of your questions about becoming a Paparazzi Consultant. I urge you to look at other consultants, what works for them, learn about challenges/ positives. I did A LOT of research before signing on. IF you have questions, please message me kayceejewls@gmail.com

Remember- this is YOUR BUSINESS!! Limits are endless!! The positive rewards I have earned from this can't be taught. Having your OWN BUSINESS is a great feeling. So what are YOU waiting for? 
If you would like to join my team, please email me or visit my store front at http://www.paparazziaccessories.com/11536

Thursday, September 5, 2013

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